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    Discover the only FDA-cleared cellulite treatment with results that last 3 years.

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    *Patient satisfaction at 3 years
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    Cellfina® Yearlong Assurance Guarantee

    Join us in giving your patients the confidence to finally get rid of those pesky cellulite dimples. With results lasting at least 3 years, Cellfina is already proven as a lasting solution for cellulite. We are so sure your patients will see real, lasting results with a single Cellfina® Procedure, we’re backing it up with a guarantee. We call it the Cellfina® Yearlong Assurance Guarantee.

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    “As a woman, I’m extremely excited to be able to offer this tool to my patients. Long-lasting results is what really distinguishes Cellfina from the other cellulite treatments. I would absolutely recommend this treatment to other physicians.”

    Deanne Mraz Robinson, MD, FAAD: Cosmetic Dermatologist
    Director of the Body Sculpting Center at Connecticut Dermatology Group, Clinical
    Instructor of Dermatology, Yale School of Medicine
    Norwalk, CT
    Pivotal Trial Investigator

    "In my practice Cellfina has become the gold standard for treatment of cellulite on the thighs and buttocks. Patients are taking Cellfina selfies, they are comfortable and loving the results."

    Grant Stevens, MD, FACS: Plastic Surgeon
    Founder and Medical Director of Marina Plastic Surgery Associates
    Clinical Professor of Plastic Surgery, University of Southern California
    Marina del Rey, CA
    Purchase Date: April 2015

    "We've tried lotions, potions, creams, massage, rollers and energy-based devices, but nothing has really gotten to the root of cellulite [until now]."

    Jeremy B. Green, MD, FAAD: Cosmetic Dermatologist
    Skin Associates of South Florida
    Coral Gables, FL
    Purchase Date: November 2014

    "It's a great procedure, patients love it, they see quick results that last for a long time, and we've been waiting a long for something like [Cellfina] to treat cellulite."

    Tiffany McCormack, MD: Plastic Surgeon
    McCormack Plastic Surgery
    Reno, NV
    Purchase Date: December 2015

    "We finally have a solution for many patients who come in complaining about cellulite. Patient satisfaction is phenomenal — 94% at one year and 96% at two years."

    Daniel C. Mills, MD: Plastic Surgeon
    Director of the Aesthetic Plastic Surgical Institute
    President, American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
    Laguna Beach, CA
    Purchase Date: May 2015

    "The dimples we treated disappeared. There's really no cellulite left, so there's nothing to chase. There's no touch-up needed. It really is a significant advance in the ability for us to treat cellulite in women who have been asking for this for years."

    Michael S. Kaminer, MD: Cosmetic Dermatologist
    Founding Partner of SkinCare Physicians
    Associate Clinical professor of Dermatology, Yale Medical School
    Chestnut Hill, MA
    Pivotal Trial Investigator

    "Everybody knows that cellulite is a huge problem. … It's really, really nice to see how long these results are lasting."

    Simeon Wall, Jr., MD, FACS: Plastic Surgeon
    The Wall Center
    Shreveport, LA
    Purchase Date: November 2014
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